Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Beginning Of An END

Conas atá tú guys 

So, its been 5 days since the new year..
A lot, I mean A LOT had happen in 2016..
some happen as I planned, some was not..
its bring a lot of lifetime experiences..

Last year, I'm officially a teacher..
It is a struggle indeed..
Oh my students..please behave this year..

About the sad parts of 2016..
just go away..
you DIMWIT !

<I've been writing the for more than 200 words about it here, and I delete it>

I'm humbly present you guys my humble apologize,
in any case, I did something bad to thou
 (I'm pretty sure, I did)

despedida mate

Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Flower On A Field

Here, lies a man..
Who's looking for a flower,
across a wide field.

But he can only take one,
Yes, one and only,
to accompany him across his journey.

But the man was in anxiety,
He was not sure,
Which flower should he take.

So, he walk, walk and keep walking..
passing each flower,
to look for the ideal one.

Until one day, he realize..
Every flower is just the same,
No matter how explicit his search was.

So, he chose one..
That he knew,
IT is the one indeed.

But hey, this is a story about the man..
its not me whom failed to protect the flower I chose long ago across the field I walk.
I'm not regret those day..
As I knew, there will be more fields to walk,
More flower to encounter.
And I'm praying that, the flower keep shine as you were before.
So long and goodbye !

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Waiting Game?

What now ?

You ask me to wait .
Yes, I will .
But for how long ?

You ask me to give you some times .
Yes, I will .
But for how much ?

If you intend,
You should put some effort on it .
Not by giving reasons .

You need more time?
Oh, yeah ?
Take all the time you needed .
I don't have that much time .
Just to wait .
Sayonara ~

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A grateful heart

Well, here I am again . .
Feeling sorry for myself . .
Thinking how ungrateful I am . .
Some people yearn and even crying . .

Yet, Here I am . .
Complaining every grain of my trouble . .
O Allah, make ease everything . .
For me and for my friend . .

I tried, and tried . .
To be as grateful as I should be . .
To punish myself from your hardship . .
And make sure, no tears are wasted . .
My friends . .

Happy Ramadhan =) 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Expect ! Expected ! Expectation !

The melodies of my life seems to be dull and grey.

I always thought that I'm a failure, but hey !

But didn't us, always ought to think that way.

That other are way more successful than we are?

However, From their perspectives, they are as miserable as we think bout ourselves.

That's just the nature of a human. never Satisfied with everything.

It's not about how the world sees you.

But really, It's about how you see the world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

That's the end of...

Farewell 24th November..and that's how my birth-date pass by..and thanks to :
1. Celcom
2. Maxis
For wishing me out . just that celcom, please don't remind me my birthday too early..hahaha..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Begin Anew

Been thinking lately, perhaps I should creating a new blog . different genre with this one . I guess, more educational and require one to think a bit .