Friday, September 30, 2011

a life time chances !


Have you ever heard that, chance just came once in your life, once you miss it, forever you'll miss it ?
hurmm . so, have you ever miss any chance by any chance in your life???
Did you regret it ?
wish for a second chance ?
hurmm . . this reminds me a story of 2 zombies have a talk about their life . . enjoy ~

zombie A : hello, zombie B ! you seems so gloomy . . life must be go on . .
zombie B : how can I be a happy man . . I'm dead . . the life already stop . haizzz ~
zombie A : erk, ok fine . . (-.-)" so, what's your problem . .
zombie B : hurmm . It's about my past life . . I miss a lot of chances ! and now I waon't be able to achieve those . .
zombie A : HUH ! don't too excited on chasing chances ! or you'll end up like me !
zombie B : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
zombie A : you see, I'm chasing a chance in my life . . and I'm dead !
zombie B : what are possibly a "chance" that can kill ? ?
zombie A : well, I'm chasing green light at the traffic light . . The chance just come once. So, I chasing it, and I won't make it . . I ended up die . . T_____T

zombie B : . . . . . . . . . . . . . no wonder zombie eat brains . . you got no brains . =="

Thursday, September 29, 2011

WHAT have I done ? ?


Oh no ! ! ! ! What am I doing now???????????
*writing the blog of course =="
hurm, people always says .
"Think before you act"
but, for me . for some cases, I'll act first than start to think what are you gonna do next . .
because, when I think, I'll create excuses to not to do !
HUH ! if the things you are gonna do is good ! don't even hesitate to do it ! just do it ! 

BUT ! have you think before you are not thinking ?
be smart on not thinking things . . yup3 . .
"A stop thinking brain is more worst than a heart that stop beating"

hehe . . my ideology was simple . .
If you can say "I'll do it tommorow" . . there will be a high chance that, you will say "I'll do it tommorow" on the next day !


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loafing Around UKM ^_~

hi everyone (^^.)/
yesterday I've been in UKM to celebrating my sister's convocation !
hUu ~ but, I wasn't in the hall watching my sister at all . because there are only 2 passes to enter the hall. One for my father and the another for my mom . .
never mind that ! hehe, at least I'm enjoying myself there walking with my friend ! Mr. Faris ! w0ahhh ! it's been really a while since I met him >___<
Mr. Fariz~
we were friend since my matriculation day ! w0oh0o ~
Then, he taking me a walk around the campus .
bamb0o site ~
hUHu^^,v have some of the scenery of UKM !

Faris and I talk like the day never end here ! yup ~ under the bamboo tree ~ the weather really with us .

Then, he took me to "the largest mosque in University in Malaysia" for our asar prayer . huhu^^.

Ouh?! you still don't believe me huh ? ? here some proof that I was in UKM main campus ! keh3 . nah ~ take that !

hahahaha . .
hah ! what a day ! my leg are suffering yet we having so much fun ^^.v
ouhhhh ~ and not to mention . . my family and I went to a steamboat restaurant at Seksyen 7 . it has a really2 interesting signboard !

hahahaha . one just one more thing ! ! ! ! !
wishing you success all the time ~
wassalam wmt

Saturday, September 24, 2011

BLOODY trip to KAB

What ?? you think I was joking huh ?
here the prove !
victim was removed !
everything was started as Mr. Ar have some business at Kolej Aminuddin Baki(KAB) UPSI . so, Mr Tiger and I decided to went along . well, just to hang out killing time . hUHu^^
but, we try to using bike to get there ! yes ! by bike to KAB from KHAR ! Urghh . . genius ! !
but, things seems really well . . we have some fun, taking some picture at that moment !
tired yet fun !

hate going up hill=="

nice weather huh .
After a couple of minutes biking, we saw something *18rated* !
uh ! leave a comment regarding this picture k .
jeng-jeng-jeng .

whattt ? ? no joke k . .
wasslam wmt . .

layan saja bha lagu ini ~



Memang aku ini
anak orang miskin
tiada apa-apa yang dapat ku berikan
engkau memang cantik
memang tidak padan dan tidak sepadan

aku anak kampung
tiada pelajaran
kuli-kuli sahaja
memang tidak padan
cantik bah kau itu
banyak yang tergoda lagi orang kaya

Tiada kereta ku bawa kau jalan-jalan
rumah ku pun tiada adapun bapa punya
apa lagi belanja mau bayar berian kahwin sama kamu

bukannya ku tidak suka sama kamu
tapi aku takut hidup kau kan sengsara
kerna aku cinta aku lepaskan kau sama orang lain

engkau masih muda cantik lagi menawan
janganlah kau cari lelaki macam saya
engkau memang cantik
nanti kau menyesal tiada guna 3x


tiada kereta ku bawa kau jalan-jalan
rumah ku pun tiada adapun bapa punya
apa lagi belanja mau bayar berian kahwin sama kamu

bukannya ku tidak suka sama kamu
tapi aku takut hidup kau kan sengsara
kerna aku cinta aku lepaskan kau sama orang lain

ulang corus

when saturday feels like . . . .

haizz ~ boring ! yeah boring what it is . .
 and one more thing, I don't know yet what I'm gonna write now . . hahaha . so friends, mind telling me what you're doing at the moment ?
*except online whole day, cause I'm bored with that already*
haha . that's all . bye . =="

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The semester has just begin ! JUST !

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum wmt
Morning everyone . . the morning's shine so bright and fresh today huh .
heeee ~ I believe everyone felt the same (refer the tittle please) . yup, the semester has just begin for me . 
*are you nut?the semester has start last 2 weeks you ***** 
What I meant here is . whatever you got through for these 2 weeks, probably will be the same as the remaining weeks we gonna face soon . hehe, so lad and guys ! enjoy your weeks well ! haha .
and yes ! I wish all of you . the super best of greatest luck for this semester . ^^.v

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pay attention : the routine is like THIS !


yeah ! to all my dearest friends . . since this is the 2nd week of our lecture . . after a few add and drop subject you have made . . This your routine for the whole semester !
yup, same here . I've done cleared up my mess about the arrangement of the subjects taken this semester . (^^,)v
So, how's yours ? already finished ? or still in a mess . .
hak3 . . good luck everyone !
Hurmm . however, I still didn't manage to arrange my routine yet . hehe, still a mess ! maybe on week 3 or so on . . the routine would probably build up by their own . .
see yaa later ! bye !


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mEre bravery : Face it Head On !

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum w.m.t

hUrm . my course-mates(hEng tiger and Hairieyl Azmi), and I was planning on removing E.C II for this semester yesterday . . 
however, we seems gaining some kind of courage to not to drop the subject and decided to stay . . 
hUrm, some of my friends are still 50-50, either to drop the subject or not . (take it, or leave it !) 
but, for me . . I think we should know that the world doesn't suiting itself just to comfort you . . but, you must suiting yourself in the world to survive on it . .
s0, friends ! I hereby, ask you to FACE IT HEAD ON !
peace no war v(^^.)v

Monday, September 19, 2011

wEek 2nd was A chaos !

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum w.m.t
subhanallah ! (>____<)"\
the tense was totally unbearable . .
warghhhh . T__T everything seems really in a mess . .
but I still believe that our creator won't set a test that we can't bear with . right ?
I think, some of my friends facing the same problems as me, or maybe even worst . . s0, I really should be a grateful person . shouldn't I ? hUHu^^,v

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's been a while since the ignorance that I made for myself .
yes, it's simply for myself, never meant for anyone else .
and I start collecting others voice .
uniting them into a spirit for me to wake up .
h0w can pensive upon the star n want to grab it.
while I was iddle upon the gaze ?
I know, I need to stand up fast and start moving .
because you have left me far from my expectation .
when I feel the day has bless me .
yet you showed up ?
for what reason ?
made things start to end it ?
I never knew your intention before .
and now it's still the same .
will never know what really is your intention .
s0, please help me as much as I'm helping myself .
just for our own good sake .