Tuesday, May 31, 2011

mEre hAng out

AsSaLaMualaiKuM wmt

yup ! This is what happen last night !
hik3 . I went to batu pahat johor with my dearest family to watch the movie . . It was a nice story, no joke . . hUHu^^ luv it ~ !
I think..3000 words is enough to tell what happen right ?
(a picture tell thousands words..I take 3 pic only~~~)
adik2 ku~~


tips ntuk gemuk plisss~
hek3 . . hopefully, everyone got their best night tonight . .
gudnight and . .
AsSaLaMuaLaikUm !

Monday, May 23, 2011

mEre mOrning Routine

AsSalaMuaLaiKuM w.m.t
kaLo x jawab dosa..kaLo jawab syg ler plak~~haha^^

G0od Morning Everyone . . 

hUHu^^,v h0w's your holiday ? having fun I'm assume . .
hEHe, saMe goes here .

I'm wondering . h0w's your morning goes .
are those Fill(wasted) by some sLeEp??
hak3 . s0, lemme tell ya . what is my routine every m0rning . (when I'm home only..haha..)

yUp ! I'm feeding my rabbits ! hUHu^^, and clean all their poops~
After play with them with a while..
tiada kene mengena sama ada yg masih hidup atau yg telah dimakan

not the real image at all

I'm releasing them(hen-cock..) from the cage and feed them..(I'm always does this sound..kurrrr~~~hahaha..)

yeah ~ I'm watering all the plants . . (well, it's my mom's hobby..)
hUHu^^,v awesome routine morning . just before I'm here(my room..facebooking,blog-walking,bla-bla) !
Then, around 9.00-9.15..I'm off to my workplace ~

This is me with the uniform !
I know . everyone do have their own routine at morning .
s0, feel free to share with me yours . I'd laove to hear them !
w0ot3 . . byEz ~

wAsSaLaM wmt . .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mEre "mEre's father"

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum wmt . .

Hurmm . at last, I can finally updating my blog . . .
It's been a while huh . . hEHe, the day before yesterday was the beginning of my semester break .
and yesterday, I've already begun my role as a mechanic . .
hik3 . I'm even make my own log book to jot down everything I learn at the workshop .
hUHu^^,v every work in this earth has their own risk right . .
but what I'm gonna say tonight is . . . . what I'm felt after 2-days of working . .
hUHu^^,v to be actual . . . I feel so sad . it's not because I'm caged up in the workshop while my friends enjoying their day-off . .
This is how things happen(why I'm getting sad) .
I've given a task to do two things at once (actually I don't mind..cause I'm capable to do that k)..
remove the engine head (proton saga) for top overhaul purpose . . n change the timing belt of viva . .
ouh, and that was awfully tired . . and while I was under the viva's car (to do some mech stuff under there) .
I even said this deep in my heart without I'm realizing "aduhhh..penatnyew....camni la bapak aq keje ari2 ek..."
and I'm just stop doing everything . n think about it deeply . . . and that make me felt very sad . .
not because thinking on how tired my dad is . . but simply, how worst I am realizing the fact . .
how foolish I am huh . . man, I'm not even said "thank you" to my dad . maybe u simply said how's lame I am to talk about this right . . but, let's me say this . . . one day, you'll be there as a dad, and u even not hoping anything from your son and daughter, you were just working-working n more working simply for your son and daughter sometimes not for your own self . . .


wassalam wmt . .