Monday, October 31, 2011


g0od m0rning everyone ! !
It's been a while I'm not updating my blog .
ouh ! bout the post's tittle ?
yup . look at the pic . .
see the balck spot I made ?
haaa . the crack was there .
and now I can't walk without the stick . .
just be patient myself .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sudden sad ? why ?


Haaa ~ this is weird . I got sad and I dunno why !
what is sadness actually 

"Sadness is a feeling — it's one of the many normal human emotions, or moods, we all have. Sadness is the emotion people feel when they've lost something important, or when they have been disappointed about something, or when something sad has happened to them or to someone else."

Do I lost something ?
(of course . everyone do lost something in their life . . )
Do I disappointed ?
(yeahh . disappointed . . )
Does everone else sad ?
(I pretty sure, I dunno . . )

When Is It Natural to Feel Sad?

One of the reason is when you don't feel great about yourself . .
yup . I'm no great at all . haha .

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It seems to be a good day to start revising your study huh ? ? ?
haish ~ let see . . what my ridiculous mind thinking while study all the subject this semester . . =="

ok ! First, lets study Chemistry ! !
<study for a while>
I don't think I have the CHEMISTRY with this subject . .
erm . nevermind the chem . . let's continue with nuclear and radiation . .
<study for a while>
ARGHH . . . my head gonna go NUKE ! my eye RADIATED !

huh ! next is basic electronic . .
<study for a while>
There is no BASIC in it ? ? ? ! ! ! !

==" ok, lets continuing the study . BYE !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SPIRIT down . may day ! !

Arghh . at the moment you feel like you in a very good shape to do anything(study,revision and assignment especially) . .
and that's the time where everything not on your side . .
and this making you feel down to do anything . .
arghhh . screaming silently ! !
okayh right . . in my cases . let these picture tell you . what happen just now ! grr . .

whatttttttttt ? ? ?
fffuuuu . . Li maza fin-nar !
Thanx for read this emotional post !

Monday, October 24, 2011

yet ANOTHER laptops ?

arghhhh . . I'm start to get the feeling that KHAR is not a better place anymore ! the day before yesterday. another 2 laptops were went missing ! need to be mentioned here . actually, there were many cases involving thievery around KHAR before(within this semester) . 
Haizz ~ since I was here, I think this session is the most worst ever . It's been more than 10 laptops gone !
who's the face behind the mask !
Hurm . what was the person thinking, stealing other laptop ?
Ya ALLAH hu robbi . . don't you ever scared your creator ?
you can hide, you can run in earth . .
but, when the day of judgement arrive . everything will be revealed and you'll be turned in court on ALLAH .

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Headache . T__T


Haish~The fatigue was accumulated for this whole week and YES was so tiring . . Huhu^^. never felt like this way before .
Last night, It wasn't a productive night for me . back from lab session at 11pm . and start hitting the bed . yeah ~ do nothing !
haha . it was a relief today . the headache was gone !
 hurmm .
Surah Hud : 11
Except those who are patient (to disasters), and work deeds of righteousness, for them is forgiveness(for their sin) and great reward(Pahala)"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hurm . soon, I'm getting busier and even busier .
who don't right ?
s0, what the best things to do is to arrange your schedule carefully .
I hope everything will be ok .
strong will alone won't be enough . I must take action !
I still remember something from my English teacher when I was form 2 . she always says . . just SUMO !
and I thought it was the "fat guys" 

actually, it was a acronym from :
 s0, let's just shut up . . and move on . .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

no diploma students means ? ? ?

"happy" doing your assignment ?
hehe . so friends out there . . how is it feels without diploma student .
waittttttttttttt . . I'm not a diploma student hater ok ! !
I've a lot of diploma-student's friends . .
what I meant here as . how's KHAR now ?
silent ? live-less ? haaaa ~
hehe . but there is one thing make me happy so much !
here . take a look ^^
tadaaa ~ ~ ~ all the download now turn out to be faster !
way faster than before ~ hahaha .yosh ~

On your face !

don't ever let this thing happen to yourself ! ! !
*me myself . please take note about this one*
haha . ever happenend before?????
weird . but it's the truth !
so, let the determination be more than the lust on sleep ! !
haha . . gambatte ~

Friday, October 14, 2011


what so special about this entry ? ?
seem normal ? ? ?
hehe . but not to me ! this entry was about . . . . .
tadaaa ! ! ! ! 
I know . the viewer wasn't that much . 
but for me . simply a mere blogger .
5000 was such a big number . go ahead . try view your blog 5000 times . that'll be tiresome huh . hehe .
thank you very much ! for all those lovely stalker ! !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye-bye . see you ='(

Hurm . entry kali ini, sungguh tidak masuk akal . jgn dibaca kerna ianya hanyalah perasaan ku yg perasan semata . 
Huhu . cuba anda lengkapkan ayat ini . .
" kalau lah aku . . . . . . . . mesti sekarang ni . . . . . . . "
Hurm . pasti keadaannya lain kan sekarang nih . . if oand only if . . haizz ~ tiada gunanya kita bersedih terhadap perkara yang dah lepas kan ? masa sentiasa bergerak ke depan . .
*even semasa sedang menaip entry ini !*seikhlasnya . . aku nak ucapkan selamat tinggal kpd anda . .
tp, biarlah hanya melalui entry ini sahaja . . dan bukannya secara langsung . . semoga anda berjaya dalam hidup anda yew . .
semoga kita bertemu di lain hari . .
I'm sure, hows you feel about us is different from how I feel . .
see you around . bye ~

seems a MERE week

don't ever despised something you unsure yet ! 
always keep your condition at the best every single moment . .
so that, you won't fall badly if something comes up .
people make mistake . but, it will be another mistake, if you did the mistake again . . so, don't do mistake on doing mistake .
*twisted tongue* 
One more thing, PLEASE ! make your mouth say "I'm soory, I won't do it again next time" if you ever done a mistake to somene !
people will respect you even more ! rather than, you say nothing on your mistake . that'll make people hate you more . 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girls: complicated life being !

w0ow0o .Take it easy ladies . . 
This post never meant to say anything bad on you ladies . 
Huhu . this post just to make man realize .
girls aren't the same with us .
*besides that, I like them*
so, no offense ok ?
haha . here some situation !
careful guys when it comes to their "weight" or "body shape" or anything about their weight . haha . or it happens that they will never talk to you for A MONTH !
yup . still don't believe me huh ? go ahead and try it !
Hurmm . do you know that, the women and man solving their problems are different ? man tend to sit iddle and think their way out alone ! meanwhile, women prefer to have someone else to share with . .
*hehe^^,v man . . be a good listener, they like it . .
 And interestingly, our(man) brain are different from girls ! 
though the structure are the same . but the way it operate is different ! their brain are connected left and right . that's why man will have difficulties on doing two work at a time but women not .
Hurmm . that's a lot more fact that I can't mention here .
so, study them up man . currently, what we know about the girls are . . . 
we know nothing . .
Hurm . . . 
because one fine day . 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, It's monday after all .

Hurm . last weekend was such a crazy weekend !
A real busy life . haha .
and most unbelievable thing to do on weekend is.......
haha . went to river with friends !

Though I have a lot of assignment to settle up . spending time with friends is not a really bad thing to do .
I must say, this is one of my best moment at Tanjung Malim .
we do a lot of crazy thing there . went deep to the forest . jumping there and there . WOW ! that's the only word I can describe it .
need to be mention, they were younger than me . and I respect them as my own friends . yeahh . they were diploma student and having their final exam this week . wish all the best for you mates !
Hurmm . I believe, now and then, I'll get busier and even busy . the assignment increasing + my responsibility increasing as well .
so, some reduction on quality time with my friends will be reduce . 

Friday, October 7, 2011


*Sebelum saya memulakan bicara kata hari ini, saya barulah berumur 19 tahun(bulan 11 nanti baru 20) Hurm, tidak layak lagi untuk mengundi ~ post kali ini tiada kena mengena terhadap mana-mana pihak, sama ada yg masih hidup apatah lagi yg sudah meninggal dunia *
 Hurm . mungkin disebabkan pilihanraya dah dekat . . suma sibuk-sibuk citer pasal parti pilihan hati masing-masing kan ? ? ?
Huuu ~ agak meriah lah kan politik negara kita sekarang ? sebab ituhlah post ini di buat . . keh3, sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang peka akan negara, maka saya pun nak laa jugak post pasal pilihan raya nih kan ~ 
Hehe . kan sekarang nih, sedang hangat memperkatakan soal perlaksanaan HUDUD di negara ISLAM kita nih kan ? apa pandangan rakan2 sekalian ?
Acap kali berdesing di telinga kiri saya, mengenai . .
"JANGAN campurkan POLITIK dan ISLAM"
hurm, hati kecil ini tertanya-tanya . bagaimana pemerintahan pada zaman kegemilangan ISLAM pada dulu kala ?
adakah tidak berpandukan AL-QURAN dan SUNNAH ?
mundur kah negara ISLAM ketika itu ? ?
Jawapannya, pasti sudah terdetik dalam hati kecil anda kan ? tak perlulah saya nak timbulkan disini lg. .
Bagi saya, POLITIK adalah salah satu bab dalam ISLAM . .
kenapa perlu diasingkan ? ish3 . x patut ~

dan saya tertarik untuk memberi pandangan saya . . mengenai apa yang selalu diperkatakan oleh rakan-rakan disekeliling saya . .
berhati-hatilah dengan apa yg anda katakan . . kerana, bunyinya seperti anda menidakkan hukum dalam ISLAM .ingatlah, hukum itu diambil dalam AL-QURAN dan dari AS-SUNNAH . . menidakkan AL-QURAN dan AS-SUNNAH samalah seperti anda ingkar dengan pencipta kita . ALLAH . tidak melaksankan hukum ALLAH, satu perkara . . menidakkan hukum ALLAH juga satu perkara . .
apa hukumnya??????????tanyalah ustaz yang anda kenali sendiri yew . .
jadik akhir kata dari diri saya yang biasa ini . .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

to Miss Mawar BBungo ~


haaa ~ miss bbungo x jmpe2 lg yew kucing ituh ~
biasa laar . .
kita manusia biasa(mere human) ade yg bole nmpk, adew yg tidak ~ hehe . nahhh ! amek gamba nih .
kasik terang lagi besuluh budiman ~
comel kan ^_~

share the victory, share the defeat

Victory . as sweet as it's sound . .
defeat . as bad as it's taste .
which you prefer ?
I presume everyone wishes for the victory .
who wouldn't right . .
Huhu^^,v but, to gain the victory . you can't just said .
"I want it"
but you need to put an effort on it . but still, it's unsure either you got it or not . .
Hurmm . one more thing, it's sweeter of you share the victory with other rather than enjoying yourself . know you LIMIT ! and ask help from other . Don't act like you can do anything by your own .
because . either you win or lose . both situations are worth to get through together with someone called as FRIENDS !

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Afraid NOT my friends !


Hurm, are you afraid of something ? ?
But, for some cases, we said that we scared of something, but actually we don't !
I had an idea about this while I was standing waiting for the bus just now . . hehe^^,v
feel free to give your view here k . .

You said that you afraid of height, but actually you afraid of falling from high places . .
You said that you afraid of darkness, but actually you afraid what was inside the darkness be . .
You said that you afraid of girls, but actually you afraid of being dump by the girl again . .
You said you afraid of love, but actually you afraid your love won't be reply . .
you said you afraid of trying again, but actually you afraid of failing again . .


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A better words than "I LOVE YOU"


Urghh . totally busy with all the assignment and lab report that need to be done this week >__<
*help me ~*
ouh??! hehe, regarding to the tittle !
interesting huh ~
but, it's too bad . this "better words" was for a married couple . .
I read this story in an article I found in the web . . keh3 .
very funny yet show good attitude of a husband !

John wake up at home with huge hangover, He forces himself to open his eyes and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins with a glass of water on the table. He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. John looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotless . . . clean like never before. He takes the aspirin and notices a note on the table as well. "Honey, breakfast in the stove, I left early to go for shoping, Love you"

So, he goes to the kitchen and there you go, a hot breakfast with the newspaper on the table. His son also on the table eating the breakfast.Then, John ask, "Son,what happened last night?"

His son reply, "well, you came home at 3.00 am, drunk and delirious. Broke some furniture as well and then you fall out, faint after hit yourself at the door"

Confused, John asks, "so why everything was in perfect order and clean, the breakfast even well prepared waiting for me"

Then, his son said "Oh that ! mom dragged you to the bedroom. and when she tried to take your pants off. You said...."LADY LEAVE ME ALONE ! I'M MARRIED" . .

WOARGHHH >__< so sweet isn't it ? ? ?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

*CASSIS-GAZETTE (eng sub)*
I repeated it for a long time. I made you sad for a long time.
I must have hurt you. Now I still cannot move.
Why is it so painful to touch you?
I think it is because I was afraid of making the same mistake and losing you.

I tried to recover the unforgettable days to stay close to each other.
You hold my hand without asking anything.

Even if you don't love me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
Even if you don't see me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to the future in which you are…

I love you so much that I forget any suffering.
My heart feels pain every time I count the days we cannot meet.

The loneliness is piling up. Please don’t cry alone.
Even if we are so far away, we can believe each other.

I wish to smile as it is. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.
I don't want to repeat such feelings, which have kept fading each time.
Even if you don't love me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
Even if you don't see me tomorrow, I must love you as I do now.
Please, only look at me. Please, don’t let our hands separate.
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to the future in which you are…



For those who not have an exercise yet this morning .
Here ! this will help ~
Find a cat in this picture . yesss . a CAT !

meowwww ~

It may take you a while to search for a cat . but once you see it, you'll never let your eyes off from the cat . nice camouflage cat !