Sunday, January 2, 2011

mEre h0pe For 2morrow . .

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum wmt . .

such a lovely morning to make a post in my very own bLog..hUHu^^,v
hUrm . just wanna voice out my mEre hope for tomorrow . I think it'll just the same as yours .
hik3 . I really hope that my new classmates are great . I really mean it . but . to get the best . . be the best first right ? hUHu^^o I'll try my very best for my classmates . no worry k my new friends . 

hUrm . actually,my timetable for my 2nd sem was made by my own . what I wanna say here is that I don't pLan my timetable with my fren . hUu~I'll be alone ranger this sem . but isn't it great ? Like a friend of mine said "you can get new friends?!and maybe a girlfriend there..haha..who knows?" . hik3 . I pray taht he was right . nonsense~ hik3 .  Besides, they(new friends) dun really knows me well . I can be anyone I want . but still dont decide on my own to be what kind of person nest sem . hik3 . and for all my old friends . Thanks for all the memories . I really hope that our friend-ship won't sink forever . hUHu^^anyway . . wish all my friends no matter where ever you are at the moment . a vEry g0odLuck for this whole new yEar . 

saLam ukhwah SAHABAT . .


Suria. said...

sweet la pic tu..

Anonymous said...

waa..terharu ^_^