Saturday, April 23, 2011

mEre exam wEek !

AsSalaMuaLaiKum wmt

It's been a while huh I'm not blogging . . hEhe, when the tense is t the peak (this is exam week..of coz la quite tense~) as well as the wi-fi speed . hUHu^^,v the blogging session is start ! hUrm . last week, I went back home for my study week (study week is just a name..dun trust it..haha :p) it's seems that everything was changed ! haha . I'm even shock myself that my house has a new member ! hUHu^^,v and guess what ? it's rabbits and kitten ! ! w0ah ~ the more the merrier it get . keh3 . s0 kawaaiiii ~ I can't show it here though because my lappy's bluetooth seems out of service (haha..) but I'll provide u guys a guide for those don't know what exactly rabbit is . hAHa . 
camni la lbey kurg kale nyew~

a closer look ~

 hUrm . I think it's been really a rash for me to write all these things . hUHu^^,v actually, there are dozen of things happen all these while . It's just I barely can't online these days . nah ~ ! not because I'm busy or what . simply, this sem . my r0om can't get the wi-fi line at all . (I'm currently "STUDYING" at my friend's house . :p haha . ) however, after the exam I'll activating my blog k (bweekkk . like you all people really wanna see my blog . ) hahaha . okayh dear frens ! back to my study huh . wish me best of Luck !

wasSaLam ~


Heng Tiger said...

huhu, nice kitty and rabbit u hv there. . . . congrats 4 da new family member . . .

Suraya Hani said...

best of luck Mim for your exam~!!! and for having new bunnies too~~ hahaha~~

ble nak date ngan ak lagi ni???

yang benar said...

whoaa..waits till ur bunnies bcome a dozens..haha..then give a pair of it...kawaaiiii....