Monday, May 23, 2011

mEre mOrning Routine

AsSalaMuaLaiKuM w.m.t
kaLo x jawab dosa..kaLo jawab syg ler plak~~haha^^

G0od Morning Everyone . . 

hUHu^^,v h0w's your holiday ? having fun I'm assume . .
hEHe, saMe goes here .

I'm wondering . h0w's your morning goes .
are those Fill(wasted) by some sLeEp??
hak3 . s0, lemme tell ya . what is my routine every m0rning . (when I'm home only..haha..)

yUp ! I'm feeding my rabbits ! hUHu^^, and clean all their poops~
After play with them with a while..
tiada kene mengena sama ada yg masih hidup atau yg telah dimakan

not the real image at all

I'm releasing them(hen-cock..) from the cage and feed them..(I'm always does this sound..kurrrr~~~hahaha..)

yeah ~ I'm watering all the plants . . (well, it's my mom's hobby..)
hUHu^^,v awesome routine morning . just before I'm here(my room..facebooking,blog-walking,bla-bla) !
Then, around 9.00-9.15..I'm off to my workplace ~

This is me with the uniform !
I know . everyone do have their own routine at morning .
s0, feel free to share with me yours . I'd laove to hear them !
w0ot3 . . byEz ~

wAsSaLaM wmt . .


cik mawar bbungo.. said...

comelnya arnab ko..

misZiSya said...

bagos.anda sorg yg rjin. erk..umah aku xd ayam n arnab la.yg ad ikan dlm peti ais. hahahaha.. nice song (^_¬)

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

hAHa . ikan yg dalam peti ais uh . . da bape bulan da berenang dalam peti ais uh ?
hahaha . .

the lady said...

weyh!banyak arnab ko..t dah beranak nak anak dia.. haha

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

haha..arnab aq kecit lg larh..
lom baligh ! agaga..

miss kk said...

so nice...
i have a dream to have a few rabbits.
but i did not have many time to taking care of them...

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

hUhu^^, miss kk..It's not that hard to take care the rabbits..
simple yet really interesting~