Friday, August 5, 2011

mEre sIde TransFormaTion v(^^,)v

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum w.m.t

hUu ~ I don't know why . . but it seems I prefer blogging rather than facebooking now . s0, I do a little bit transformation on it . keh3 . though it's not as c0oL as yours perhaps . but I like it (of course I like it..I customize it myself ok!) hehe . and more importantly, I have changed the background music regarding to the comment I received lately about the song (adew yg sdey la..adew yg kate blog nih jiwang la..==") . hUh?! I hope you guys enjoy visiting my (poor I presumed) bLog side ~ hehe . thanx for reading this entry ! any comment about this transformation (jangan nak jujur sgt..jaga skit hati tuan pnyer bLog nih..haha) Feel free to do so !
WasSalam g terawih jom~)

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