Tuesday, March 13, 2012

mEre . . . (part 2)


got nothing to say..

but have something to tell..


ok bai !


misZiSya said...

erk, bz2 pon sempat jiwang2~~ kalau rindu family balik. but if she is d 1 u miss, i cant help wth that. =)

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

it was just a feeling..not more than that . huhu :D

misZiSya said...

its not just a feeling, its a FEELING.

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

erk, ok . how can one stop the feeling from me ? ? it's not I can fight that right ?

misZiSya said...

yup. we cant fight but its all up to you. :)

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

hurmm . worry not, it won't effect me at all..huhu^^, I knew it was just a feeling..and I won't get bother but something that small .

misZiSya said...

hurm. im not worry :)