Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And I was like . . .


yesterday I went to "Koperasi Perniagaan Guru-Guru Muar berhad" for gathering some information . well, it's all began when my lecturer gives the assignment to gain some information from cooperation ~

I'm here not to tell the content of my assignment..there is some other things way more interesting !
have you ever encountered this kind of situation where,

 a waiter (a ladies) come to your table and ask for your order and spontaneously you said . .
"Bagi sy nasi goreng pataya kak.."
and the waiter reply,
"I'm younger than you.."
and you was like.....


YESSSS . this is what happen to me yesterday !
The clerk(obviously a girl) I interviewed was younger than me and I'm appointing her as "akak"...

well, from my appointment..people call someone as "akak" because we respect them as a worker..put aside their age..
how's your opinion on this ? ? ? ?
p/s : ouh ! she's 20..and I don't ask for her number..why???
(>__<) hahaha . .

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misZiSya said...

rugi lah xmintak no fon :p