Sunday, December 26, 2010

mEre TransforMation for mEre's siTe

AsSaLaMuaLaiKuM wmt . .

hUrm . all of sudden I felt like wanna start blogging using eng . hUrm . but I still don't have much courage on doing so . so??how is it fren ? should I or shouldn't I ? hUHu^^,v it's addicted isn't it to using eng in everywhere . besides, it's hardLy to using eng to communicate with other in real world . haha . though I owez ask my fren to chatting me using eng @fb . haha . it's fun n I believe it's contagious . right ? 

pLeaSe dO giVe a FeEdbAck regarding This ToPic kEh . hUHu^^,v ThaNx . .


P3nUngGu Huj4n said...

it's good but u have to chat with someone who better than u ., so u will know how's good ur eng ..
** entah ape laa sy merepek nie .. hehe ^^

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

ThNx..kaLo ngn awk larh..hik3..mesti awk terer eng nih..