Wednesday, November 2, 2011

THE day is not always BRIGHT

hi..(",) everyone . . It's day 5 I'm single-legged . .
hurmm, hopefully it get better s0on . cause there are lot of program I want to attend to . T___T

last night I went to "watikah perlantikan EXCO SRN" at campus .
the venue was at bitarasiswa (the closest building from the gate entrance) . with the effort of my one leg and a friend of mine, I went there . and guess what ?
It's like a journey take 10km of walking . YA ALLAH . so tiredsome . friends, please be grateful on what you have now .
everything will become something if you take things lightly .
and today, there will be mid-term test for nuclear and radiation . .
but, I can't attend . .
hurmm . the more I say it . the more I realize the gift give by ALLAH s.w.t was so precious . .
have a nice day friends . . 


nieyda syg said... da penat... hurmmmm jgn byk gerak sgt la..tggu kaki 2 sembuh dlu..nti kn makin lame lak nk sembuh...

hon hon said...

it's ok bro. gonna pay you a visit. hope you can still walk a little.