Monday, November 14, 2011

deactivating FB for a while

The reason ? nothing more than just a personal matter .
Huhu . maybe one day I'll activating my fb again .
I wonder, how long I can hold myself from activating it .
now I'm back to the books rather than facebook ~
wish me best of luck for the rest of my semester !
w0oh0o ~ going to classes after having a break surely refreshing ~
I hope nothing bad happen to me today .
aminnnn ~


hon hon said...

i guess i should do the same. fb is taking a lot of my time.

wanted to give you a hug when i saw you today, to console you for your foot. hope you get well real soon.

mEre HuMan Like Me said...

huhu^^,v thanx buddy .
yup, I feel the same . fb taking my time a little bit much .