Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mEre bravery : Face it Head On !

AsSaLaMuaLaiKum w.m.t

hUrm . my course-mates(hEng tiger and Hairieyl Azmi), and I was planning on removing E.C II for this semester yesterday . . 
however, we seems gaining some kind of courage to not to drop the subject and decided to stay . . 
hUrm, some of my friends are still 50-50, either to drop the subject or not . (take it, or leave it !) 
but, for me . . I think we should know that the world doesn't suiting itself just to comfort you . . but, you must suiting yourself in the world to survive on it . .
s0, friends ! I hereby, ask you to FACE IT HEAD ON !
peace no war v(^^.)v

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Heng Tiger said...

hehehe, like your blog bro ! keep updating it !