Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pay attention : the routine is like THIS !


yeah ! to all my dearest friends . . since this is the 2nd week of our lecture . . after a few add and drop subject you have made . . This your routine for the whole semester !
yup, same here . I've done cleared up my mess about the arrangement of the subjects taken this semester . (^^,)v
So, how's yours ? already finished ? or still in a mess . .
hak3 . . good luck everyone !
Hurmm . however, I still didn't manage to arrange my routine yet . hehe, still a mess ! maybe on week 3 or so on . . the routine would probably build up by their own . .
see yaa later ! bye !


1 comment:

Heng Tiger said...

i also didn't manage to get used with all this routine. A total mess !